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Professional photography driven by knowledge, experience, and passion.


A craftsman of the visual narrative.

Proudly Born & Raised in: Southwest Louisiana
Residing at the Moment in: New Orleans, Louisiana

At his core, Noel is a traveler and a thrill seeker, and also happens to be a photographer.  His passion is creating images by bringing these three identities together and sharing them with you, his audience and clients. Noel believes that everyone has the spirit of adventure within themselves and all it takes to do something incredible is one simple, yet frightening word: Yes.

It’s easy to take good photos, but exponentially harder to take great ones. It takes years of dedication, successes, and setbacks. As Noel puts it,

“Great photography takes the mind of an artist, the hands of a surgeon, and the patience of a monk.”

Noel’s work has been featured in print magazines, newspapers, blogs, and online publications across the web. He has shot on location in twenty-five states and nine countries, with many more to come in the near future.

Noel believes that great photography should always have a purpose; that people and places and are much more than just names on a page or dots on a map. Great photography is about mastering the art of visual storytelling, of creating two-dimensional images with three dimensions of life. He knows great photographers are the ones who reach deep within themselves as they edit, design, and communicate with folks like you.

Noel was formally trained in journalism and graduated from Louisiana State University. He served as a staff writer and photographer at DIG Magazine in Baton Rouge before a heart-wrenching goodbye when he accepted a commission as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, only to return to his beloved Louisiana at the completion of his service. Depending on the day, you can find Noel in the farthest reaches of the mountain backcountry, chasing the perfect light across cobblestone streets, or at his desk grinding out another batch of edits.